Exceptional Freshness Approach

What makes Fresh & Yummy different? We actually go the extra mile on freshness. WE COOK FROM SCRATCH AND DELIVER HOT. From the hob straight to your desk – like in a restaurant. The benefits for you: exceptional freshness and taste. Some examples for exceptional freshness include:

  • Fresh Irish Sea Fish, 24hrs from sea to fork: Caught on Wednesdays by a Wexford fishmonger, purchased on Thursday mornings, prepared & delivered hot same day.
    Don’t believe it? Test & taste it?
  • Fresh meat: We guarantee we do no use of any frozen or processed meats!
  • Raw meat / poultry sourced locally and daily where possible, cooked and delivered hot same day. The same applies for fresh vegetables.
  • We predominantly use coconut and olive oil for cooking, in some cases vegetable oil, never palm oil.
  • We make soups & sauces fresh: No use of ready made mixes.
  • We do home-baked cakes, scones and pastries: No use of ready-to-bake mixes.

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